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Our Blends

Dark Roasts

    • Art of Darkness
      Our French Roast blend of Sumatran and Costa Rican beans. A great balance of smoky flavor and caramel sweetness.
    • Mixed Emotions
      a "1/2 caf" blend of French Roast and Luna Vista. Perfect for those who want a tasty cup with half the kick.

Medium-Dark Roasts

    • Sledgehammer
      This is our famous house blend with full-bodied flavor. This roast works well with any coffee maker. Sumatran, Costa Rican, Guatemalan and Brazilian beans make it work.
    • Silver Hammer
      The certified organic version of our Sledgehammer. Fullbodied, Medium-Dark with bright highlights and lots of Sumatra for caramel, chocolatey smoothness.
    • Luna Vista Decaf
      This coffee tastes so good its hard to believe its decaf. We use a chemical-free Swiss water process.

Medium Roasts

    • Blue Mesa Blend
      A blend of Ethiopian and Columbian beans that combine to create an exotic taste with hints of blueberry.
    • Columbo Gold
      A smooth, European-style coffee. This blend of Columbian and Guatemalan beans is flavorful, but light.